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This text includes the following chapters:
ò Introduction to MATLAB
ò Root Approximations
ò Sinusoids and Complex Numbers
ò Matricesand Determinants
ò Review of Differential Equations
ò Fourier, Taylor, and Maclaurin Series
ò Finite Differences and Interpolation
ò Linear and Parabolic Regression
ò Solution of DifferentialEquations by Numerical Methods
ò Integration by Numerical Methods
ò Difference Equationsò Partial Fraction Expansion
ò The Gamma and Beta Functions
ò Orthogonal Functions and MatrixFactorizations
ò Bessel, Legendre, and Chebyshev Polynomials
ò Optimization MethodsEach chapter contains numerous practical applications supplemented with detailed instructionsfor using MATLABand/or Microsoft Excel« to obtain quick solutions.