A New Approach To Out-Of-Body Experiences by Robert Bruce

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Astral Dynamics: A New Approach To Out-Of-Body Experiences by Robert Bruce
Working Link! | Hampton Roads Publishing Company | Robert Bruce | 559 pages | 1999 | ISBN: 1571741437 | English | 2.8 Mb

Astral Dynamics Is An Innovative Yet Reader-Friendly Tutorial And Hands-On Guide To OBE. A Comprehensive Work, It Covers All Aspects Of OBE And Astral Operations, Including: Theoretical, Practical, Metaphysical, Phenomenal, Esoteric And Behavioral!

Based on rich personal experience - stemming from the author's life as an active hands-on mystic, projector and metaphysical explorer - it is hallmarked by his friendly, down-to-earth way of dealing with seemingly complex matters. Written with the needs of the complete novice in mind, it also caters well for intermediate and advanced students. A sizeable and well-detailed work, at 560 pages and containing 36 carefully thought-out illustrations, Astral Dynamics is absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in OBE.

A world first in many ways, Astral Dynamics launches some inspirationally new concepts and most definitely stands in a class of its own. It provides for a totally new outlook and understanding of the nature and purpose of out-of-body experience. The requirements, dynamics and underlying bio-energetic mechanisms that enable OBE are dealt with in great detail within its pages. As the author is fond of saying to his students: "The more you understand OBE…the easier it is to do."

The cornerstone of Astral Dynamics would have to be the author's extraordinary Mind-Split theory. The mind-split phenomenon is a true complication of bio-incarnated consciousness. It has wide-ranging affects on all aspects of projecting and operating in the out-of-body environment. The mind-split theory shows how the physical body is never left empty or at risk during any type of OBE, as is commonly believed today. Compelling evidence is provided to support this, based upon first-hand experience and logic. The many bio-energetic conflicts and OBE memory download problems arising as side-effects of the mind split are discussed in great detail, with practical solutions being offered. This knowledge greatly improves OBE success rates for both novice and experienced projectors, while generally empowering all aspects of out-of-body operations.

As part of its innovative new approach to OBE and projection training, Astral Dynamics introduces another world first: 'NEW Energy Ways'. This is a dynamic new system of energetic manipulation and development. While amazingly simple to learn and use, the NEW system is light-years ahead of any existing energetic systems available in the world today. It teaches how to develop, raise and make dynamic use of personal energy resources, both in and out-of-body, in many exciting new ways. These alone solves a great variety of projection-related problems.

Astral Dynamics also addresses some of the more complex and sensitive aspects of out-of-body operations. For example: spirit beings, negative entities and astral combat; as well as the nature of high-level projection, astral plane navigation, and the internal structure of the astral planes themselves.

This is a truly eye-opening book, brimming with new ideas and innovative procedures, offering sage advice and practical solutions to a great many OBE related problems. Astral Dynamics gently takes the reader's hand and steadily guides him or her towards a high-level of understanding and proficiency at OBE. Leading by example, it also offers some beautifully rendered accounts of a few of the author's more extraordinary out-of-body experiences. Through these the reader can share the look-and-feel of the whole amazing astral experience along with him, from start to finish, as he travels the highways and byways of the incredible out-of-body environment.

Astral Dynamics is much more than just another book on OBE! It takes a fresh look at a great many things, including the workings of: The Akashic Records, Karma, Universal Law and Deja-Vu; while introducing yet another new theory: 'The Akashic Pulse' which grew from the previously misunderstood 'Astral Wind' phenomenon. This shows how all of the above mechanisms are intimately connected, and how they profoundly affect the lives of every one of us as we sleep…when Astral winds through Akasha do blow.

Don't you love it when you pick up a book that immediately explains experiences you've had but had no explanation for when they occurred? This doesn't happen often, but it might with Astral Dynamics, Robert Bruce's straightforward how-to manual on astral projection. Perhaps you've had a spontaneous out-of-body experiences and didn't know it! This extensive tome teaches you everything you need to know to accomplish successful, planned out-of-body travel; how to exit the body, how to get around on the astral plane, and how to get back in with solid, provable memories of the event. Bruce writes very clearly and uses down-to-earth terminology so that you learn not only how to create a "real-time double" to astrally project but also about the physics of the nonphysical world. Out-of-body experiences can be so confusing that enjoying them or employing them usefully can be a serious challenge. Fortunately, Bruce now brings his 25 years of interdimensional experience to the aid of astral explorers the world over, and everywhere else too.

About the author:
Robert Bruce has enjoyed spontaneous out-of-body experiences since childhood. As an adult, he learned how to project himself into the astral realm at will. He combines his experiences and more than twenty-five years of research in his newest book, Astral Dynamics: A NEW Approach to Out-of-Body Experience. NEW is capitalized because it stands for New Energy Ways, a technique for raising energy that Bruce developed. Projecting oneself from one's body requires high energy levels, and Bruce devotes significant portions of the book to energy skills. He emphasizes that persons who project themselves do not leave behind an "empty body" that can be harmed. Instead, "one full copy of thinking mind and memory–conscious and subconscious–stays at all times within the bounds of the physical body. . .this original or master copy never leaves the bounds of the physical body while it still lives." Nevertheless, it is important to prepare oneself first and establish a good foundation for safety before attempting an out-of-body projection. Bruce provides very detailed instructions for each step. Although most projectors have positive experiences, occasionally something negative can happen. He describes all these potential problems and how to overcome them. He also describes all the wonderful things that projectors can see while out of their bodies. Projectors can pass through solid objects, like walls. They can travel to the house next door or to galaxies beyond this one. They can search the Akashic Records. Advanced projectors can visit the spirit worlds. There doesn't seem to be any limit on where projectors can go or what they can do. Bruce says that "consciously projecting out of body is nowhere as difficult as commonly believed. It is simply a matter of deeply relaxing the physical body, clearing the mind, then triggering the projection reflex with an exit technique." He describes all the skills needed and provides exercises for developing those skills. After that, it's simply a matter of practicing until you're successful. He says his primary goal is "to create a user-friendly, readable and useful tutorial, guide, and reference work for all who aspire to travel out of their bodies." Readers of Astral Dynamics will find that his book easily meets that goal.


Traveling to other dimensions using one's finer astral body has always intrigued man, as have levitation, invisibility, and time travel. Throughout the 20th century, many fine books have been written about these topics.

For over a quarter century, I have been fascinated by the Astral World and the possibility of astral travel. My introduction to this enticing subject came in the form of tattered old copies of Robert Crookall's Astral Projection: A Record of Out-of-Body Experiences and Casebook for Astral Projection.

My next encounter with astral projection was H. F. Prevost Battersby's Man Outside Himself. As I continued reading about astral projection and Out-of-Body experiences (OBE), including works by Fox, Garrett, Muldoon, Powell, Smith, and "Yram" cluttering my desk and shelves. Each book glimpsed into the astral world and higher levels. I read time and time again how many had made astral trips, bringing back words of encouragement, prophecy and descriptions of exciting "worlds" beyond ours.

It soon became evident to both myself and colleagues that a newer, easier and more reliable method of projecting out-of-body must be developed, and a tutorial written, to assist first-time (and even advanced) students on their quest. It was of utmost importance that this work be written to answer students questions and, furthermore, to assist the seasoned researcher in conducting theoretical studies and practical experiments. Therefore, an author of such a guide should be well versed in the theory, practice and behavioral aspects of such a multi-dimensional undertaking.

Each author, however, left me slightly empty - always expecting more, but always getting less than I anticipated. Some works provided a deep philosophical theory of astral travel with no practical application. Others, though expertly written, gave some practical applications but no logical theory backing up the author's assumptions. Lastly, there were hundreds of books containing case study after case study documenting people who suddenly, and without apparent reason, experienced OBE's. Although descriptions were meticulous, these guides contained nothing but a series of good and intriguing stories. I longed for still more.

Finally in the early spring of 1996, I discovered Mr. Robert Bruce's work on the Internet. In a series of constantly up-dated articles, I realized he was introducing an excitingly innovative approach to out-of-body projection and astral travel. An approach which included sound yet radically different theory, detailed practical experiments and, finally, individual case studies. In these studies, the reader meets many people who tried his new techniques and experiments and experienced almost immediate results in projection. I also discovered, while reading his on-line comments and correspondences, that Robert meticulously tried and retested his experiments: going down many blind alleys and often into some frightening situations, discovering the best and safest avenue for the would-be projector. In some cases, his journeys caused psychical and astral shock. In plain, jargon-free descriptions, Robert lays bare his fears, hopes and dreams. He also outlines many potential problems and practical solutions awaiting the student of astral travel.

Over the months, I became an admirer of Robert's works and in September 1996 began corresponding with this Australian mystic and arcane experimenter. Robert, a true perfectionist, is constantly fine-tuning his experiments and theories. In this latest endeavor, Astral Dynamics, Robert takes his readers on a fascinating mystical, scientific and arcane journey into the astral dimension and beyond.

This wonderful book has the potential for allowing anyone, regardless of spiritual or metaphysical training, to achieve a conscious exit from their body and to travel through the various levels of finer worlds. In an easily understood and well-illustrated format, Robert takes the reader's hand and slowly guides them out of their body and into this world of wonder and excitement. Astral Dynamics consists of over five years of constant revisions, experiments, research, and personal insight. It is sad this book did not exist twenty-five years ago when I started my quest. My Path would have been far less rocky and my results and discoveries far more amazing if it had.
Professor C. E. Lindgren, DEd, DLitt, FCP, FRSA, FRAS (Lond.), FCollP.
This remarkable, invaluable book…I've never seen anything quite like it. In one fascinating volume, Robert Bruce has gathered together a personal narrative, a "how-to," a trouble-shooting guide, and a theoretical perspective on the non-physical structure underlying the strange and multi-dimensional life we all lead. Whether you are a skeptic, a veteran astral projector, a newbie, or an armchair traveler, there's treasure here.
Frank DeMarco, Chairman of Hampton Roads Publishing Company Inc.




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A New Approach To Out-Of-Body Experiences by Robert Bruce