Object-Oriented Data Structures using Java

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Object-Oriented Data Structures using Java

ISBN: 0763710792| Nell B. Dale Daniel T. Joyce Chip Weems | Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc.| 2002

Welcome to the first edition of Object-Oriented Data Structures using Java.
This book has been written to present the algorithmic, programming, and
structuring techniques of a traditional data structures course in an objectoriented
context. You’ll find that all of the familiar topics of lists, stacks, queues,
trees, graphs, sorting, searching, Big-O complexity analysis, and recursion are still
here, but covered from an object-oriented point of view using Java. Thus, our structures
are defined with Java interfaces and encapsulated as Java classes. We use
abstract classes and inheritance, as appropriate, to take advantage of the relationships
among various versions of the data structures. We use design aids, such as
Class-Responsibility-Collaborator (CRC) Cards and Universal Modeling Language
(UML) diagrams, to help us model and visualize our classes and their interrelationships.
We hope that you enjoy this modern and up-to-date approach to the traditional
data structures course.