[E-book] Peter A. Huchthausen - October Fury

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[E-book] Peter A. Huchthausen - October Fury

Peter A. Huchthausen, «October Fury»
ISBN unknowing | 2005 Year | PDF | 4,8 Mb | 286 p. | English | Published by John Wiley & Sons
In the fall of 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union came as close as they ever would to global nuclear war. The confrontation came after Soviet premier Nikita S. Khrushchev was caught in the act of secretly deploying nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles to Fidel Castro's Cuba. What is not widely known is that the showdown with the Soviet Union nearly led to an exchange of tactical nuclear weapons at sea between ships and submarines of the opposing navies. We now know from participants on both sides that a naval shoot-out very nearly occurred. This account is based on the recollections of men who had their fingers on the triggers. The gravity of the encounter was first revealed in 1992, when parts of the long-guarded files of the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of the Soviet Union were opened. Although many KGB and Ministry of Defense files were released to researchers shortly after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in December 1991, the Central Committee files were stored separately and guarded as politically sensitive. Items from these files have been selectively released by the government of the Russian Federation.

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[E-book] Peter A. Huchthausen - October Fury