G.A.Olah - "A Life of Magic Chemistry: Autobiographical Reflections of a Nobel Prize Winner"

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Были тут недавно у нас книги лауреата Нобелевской премии по физике (Феймана). Продолжаем тему - автор предлагаемой автобиографии является лауреатом нобелевки по химии.

George A. Olah, "A Life of Magic Chemistry: Autobiographical Reflections of a Nobel Prize Winner"
Wiley-Interscience | ISBN 0471157430 | 2000 Year | PDF | 2,1 Mb | 277 Pages

Olah's intellectual enthusiasm shines through the pages of his book. In telling his life story, he manages to also convey well his ceaseless curiosity; a never ending search for new and unexpected subtleties in chemistry.
He writes for a broad audience. No degree in chemistry required. He shows how chemistry in general, and his work in particular, has practical applications, that can impact everyday lives, like better fuel efficiency in cars, and lower pollution.
Perhaps the best hope for this book is that it can inspire students still undecided about their majors to seriously consider chemistry.

"Olah...won the 1994 Nobel Prize in chemistry...he recounts his life journey from Hungary between the wars, his menial work after World War II, and movement from Budapest to Cleveland to Los Angeles."
(SciTech Book News, Vol. 25, No. 2, June 2001)

"When one of the most important and interesting chemists of the 20th century pauses to reflect on his career, the results deserve attention. . . [the book] can be recommended to a wide readership and is must reading..."
(Chemical & Engineering News, March 19, 2001)

"Olah's chemistry is as magical as his life..."
(New Scientist, 3rd March 2001)

"The book exceeds expectations" "The reader is richly rewarded by the lessons in A Life of Magic Chemistry."
(Angewandte Chemie — International Edition, Vol.40 No. 16, 2001)

"I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to everybody who want to know how hard work and perseverance can bring results — and how one can enjoy life"
(Chromatographia (Germany), August 2001)

"Overall, this is an excellent book, and the enthusiasm for chemistry that permeates it makes it recommended reading for all readers of Education in Chemistry."
(Education in Chemistry, November 2001)

"highly recommended reading for those wishing to read Olah's scientific reflections."
(Times Higher Educational Supplement, 4 January 2002)

A feature story on the life and accomplishments of George Olah: "Certainly ones stamina and tolerance developed through these experiences, Olah wrote in A Life of Magic Chemistry"
(Investors Business Daily, January 8, 2002)