Optical Network Control

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Optical Network Control

CHM | 464 pages | Authors: Greg Bernstein, Bala Rajagopalan, Debanjan Saha

Optical Network Control is the first expert guide and single-source reference for controlling and managing optical networks. This book fills the gap between optical network engineering and routing/signaling – helping both optical and IP professionals build networks that are more robust, flexible, manageable, and profitable. Coverage includes:

* Designing networks to deliver a range of on-demand services from mission-critical, time-sensitive protected services to low-cost unprotected services

* Network control and operations in WDM/DWDM and SONET/SDH environments

* Control principles and features for evolving mesh-based optical networks and existing ring networks—with practical examples

* Emerging, proposed, and future optical routing/signaling protocols and standards including GMPLS, ASON and Optical UNI

* Optical network control planes: design, scenarios, interworking, and interactions with existing network management systems

* Crucial IETF, ITU-T, OIF, ANSI, Bellcore, and industry information—brought together for the first time