Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health

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Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health

Thomas Levy, «Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health»
McGraw-Hill Companies | ISBN 0071402713 | Mar 2002 | PDF | 267 Pages | 1,60 Mb

With so much conflicting (and sometimes dangerous) information available about the role of diet in wellness, it's hard to know where to turn for dependable information. Destined to become a classic in its field, Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health emphasizes the keystone of sound nutrition proper nutrition'and examines today's most cutting-edge and controversial health topics, including:
  • food combining
  • blood-type diets
  • carbohydrate-free eating
  • cholesterol
  • fiber
  • lactose
  • gluten

Dr. Levy dispells myths, debunks hype, and sets the record straight. Accessible, practical, and sound, this is information no health-conscious person should be without. If you read only one book about nutrition and health, make it Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health!
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