Michael Hicks, «Optimizing Applications on Cisco Networks»

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Michael Hicks, «Optimizing Applications on Cisco Networks»

Michael Hicks, «Optimizing Applications on Cisco Networks»
Cisco Press | ISBN 1587051532 | 2004 Year | CHM | 3,9 Mb | 384 Pages

Maximize the performance and availability of network applications and the network infrastructure with application performance management

Learn and understand the business case for application performance management
Understand how to identify applications critical to your business model
Identify basic application characteristics and how they can be optimized for transmission
Understand the principle of proactive planning in order to maintain the delivery criteria necessary for your business critical applications
Improve service delivery and outsourcing decisions by utilizing meaningful SLAs
Identify and solve network application performance problems, saving valuable time and money
Includes real-world case studies that cover design and performance issues
The astounding growth of computer networking in recent years has been characterized by the struggle of network managers to keep pace with the demand for network resources. As more and more users, running more and more applications, demand increased network bandwidth and performance, network managers find themselves adding expensive capacity in an effort to satisfy the needs of their customers. Yet networks remain congested, and applications continue to run slowly. Moreover, new aggressive applications, an ever expanding set of business stakeholders, and demands for greater reliability and security compound this struggle.

Optimizing Applications on Cisco Networks takes a practical look at how application performance management can assist in the end-to-end application delivery model by proactively identifying hot spots within an organization. This book covers network dependent application delivery, with an emphasis on optimizing the underlying infrastructure, procedures, and methodologies to aid and measure delivery. The book also covers applications, delivery techniques, and QoS protocols.

Use Optimizing Applications on Cisco Networks to identify and profile business critical applications, define and establish service-level criteria, and ensure that these system configurations are continually assessed to maintain the desired level of service.

This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press‚ which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.


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