Osho, «From Sex To Superconsciousness»

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Osho, «From Sex To Superconsciousness»

Osho, «From Sex To Superconsciousness»
ISBN : 3-89338-062-0 | 88 pages| PDF | 670 kb

I was told to speak on "Love." But I felt that as long as we were hampered by
certain incorrect suppositions about sex and lust, we would never be able to
understand or appreciate love. As long as such misleading beliefs are deep-rooted,
whatever we say about love will be incomplete, will be wasted, will be untrue. So,
to focus on that, I talked about lust and sex in that particular meeting. I said that
the sex energy itself could be transformed into love.
If a man buys manure, dirty and foul-smelling in itself, and piles it up on the
street in front of his house, it will make things difficult for anyone passing by. But
if he spreads the manure on his garden then his seeds will grow. The seeds will
become plants and the plants will give flowers and their fragrance will be an
invitation to all. Passers-by will be enchanted. You have probably never thought
about it, but the fragrance of a flower is nothing but the foul smell of manure –
rising upwards from the seed through the plant, the stench of manure becomes the
scent of the flower. A bad smell can be transformed into a sweet perfume.
In the same way, sex can become love. But how can one who hates sex ever
become filled with love? How can one transform sex when one is its enemy? And
so, I stressed the necessity of understanding lust, of knowing sex. The other day, I
pointed out that sex had to be transformed.


1. Sex, the genesis of love, 2
2. From repression to emancipation, 20
3. The pinnacle of meditation, 37
4. Sex, the super-atom, 54
5. From lust to the lord, 67


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