Parallel Port Complete: Programming, Interfacing & Using the PC's Parallel Printer Port

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Parallel Port Complete: Programming, Interfacing & Using the PC's Parallel Printer Port

Parallel Port Complete: Programming, Interfacing & Using the PC'S Parallel Printer Port

# Author: Jan Axelson
# Paperback: 343 pages
# Publisher: Lakeview Research; February 1997
# Language: English
# ISBN: 0965081915

Book Description
A guide to programming, interfacing, and using the personal computer's parallel printer port. Includes circuit designs and Visual-Basic code examples, plus tips on how to get the most out of the port, including the enhanced (EPP) and extended-capabilities (ECP) ports found on most new systems. Includes disk.

This detailed guide for programmers, developers, and computer enthusiasts shows how to get the most from parallel port in any application or project. The Visual-Basic code and circuit designs include examples that use the new enhanced (EPP) and expanded (EPC) modes.

Editorial Reviews

Nuts & Volts, Joseph Carr, March 1997
It's been awhile since I've seen a book as practical as this one. Parallel Port Complete is a real keeper!

Personal Engineering and Instrumentation News, Paul Schreier, May 1997
An excellent resource for Visual Basic programmers looking to interface hardware through standard ports. Anyone designing hardware to work with a parallel port is well advised to add this book to their library.

Electronics Now, Jeff Holtzman, Aug. 1997
If you want to learn about PC-based parallel ports, then you need a copy of Jan Axelson's Parallel Port Complete. Good stuff.

Windows Developer's Journal, Feb. 1998
The book is written in a very readable style and starts off with the basics; you don't have to be a hardware guru to read it. If you think you might ever need to access a parallel port (under any operating system), this book is for you.

Bill Machrone, PC Week, July 20, 1998
If you need to do any development of parallel port devices or want to get a bit-level understanding of the port's inner workings, I strongly recommend Parallel Port Complete.

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