Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle Earth

Posted By: Trixter

Tolkien researcher Michael Martinez shares his knowledge and insights into Tolkien's Middle-earth. The award-winning Parma Endorion Web site has been used by scholars, teachers, librarians, and students from around the world since 1996. Essays cover topics ranging from "What does an Elf do in Aman?" to "Planning the Middle-earth wedding" to "The Wonders of Middle-earth". Martinez is also the author of Visualizing Middle-earth, available as a print-on-demand trade paperback or ebook from Xlibris. This special 3rd edition of Parma Endorion has been updated for eBook publication only, and it includes selected fan artwork from Anke Eissmann and Rich Sullivan.

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P.S.: Does anyone have a copy of "The Atlas of Middle Earth"? It was posted on this site some months back, but the links were deleted. Would anyone be kind enough to upload it to RapidShare? Your help would be most appreciated!