PC Annoyances, 2nd Edition (Re-post)

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Steve Bass, "PC Annoyances, 2nd Edition", O'Reilly | 2005 Year | ISBN: 0-596-00882-1 | CHM | ~11 Mb | 256 Pages

In every PC user's life, there's a point when desperate measures must be taken. Some push their PC off a pier or chuck it into a landfill. Others turn their former computing ally into a planter box. But don't give up on your PC yet — help is at hand. This easy to read, accessible book from PC World expert Steve Bass covers the waterfront of PC gripes and gremlins, with fixes for everything from Windows glitches to browsers that won't browse. Each fix is served up in bite-sized portions for quick reading — and even quicker fixing. A revised version of its best-selling predecessor, the 2nd edition offers 50 additional pages and over 120 new fixed annoyances. This reader-friendly book tackles problems related to a wide-ranging number of topics: Windows — King of Annoyances! learn how to kick Windows in the rear, overcome glitches, take charge of the interface, live with the dreaded Service Pack 2 Hardware — wake up your DSL, tame your notebook, silence your PC's fan, work wonders with your scanner, and save paper Email — from Outlook to Eudora! Defeat spam, avoid mailing list hassles, send big files, manage folders Mcft Office — learn workarounds for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that help you back up the unbackable and automate data entry Internet — shake up IE, stop Flash, outsmart defaults, control Favorites, add the Google toolbar to Netscape Plus, you get access to more than one hundred utilities that will help you squash bugs, enhance your email, untangle a system snarl, and much more. If your PC has ever annoyed you (do we see several billion raised hands?), PC Annoyances is for you. With the flip of a page or two, you can fix that faux pas and have your PC purring again.

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