PC Disaster and Recovery

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Kate J. Chase, "PC Disaster and Recovery"
Sybex | ISBN 078214182X | 2003 Year | 24,9 Mb | 491 Pages

As PCs continue to get more complicated, disasters continue to become more commonplace. This book focuses on helping users overcome the disasters that happen on their PCs as a result of viruses, system crashes, hard disk failures and the like. Unlike other books that focus on a single aspect of the problem, this book covers all the important issues including prevention, diagnosis, and troubleshooting. While other books contain theory and background that may be of interest to a network administrator, "PC Disaster and Recovery" presents real-world solutions to the most common problems encountered by average users.
Has Disaster Struck? If you're reading this, Something Very Bad may have already happened to your PC. Or maybe you're wisely looking ahead to any of several what-if scenarios. Either way, PC Disaster and Recovery is the book you nee recover from today's disaster and not lose sleep over the ones that lie around the corner. No matter how dire the situation, expert, step-by-step instructions will keep you cool and focused and get you back on your feet. Coverage includes:
* Understanding how hardware, OS, and applications work together
* Limiting your risks
* Assembling a PC recovery resource kit
* Drafting a disaster recovery plan
* Detecting, analyzing, and diagnosing problems
* Restarting a problem PC
* Fixing upgrading problems
* Stabilizing your operating system
* Understanding and troubleshooting hardware failures
* Avoiding power and overheating problems
* Diagnosing, monitoring, and troubleshooting performance problems
* Recovering lost and damaged files and applications
* Recovering from small-network disasters
* Finding help online
* Knowing when and how to start from scratch
* Resurrecting a dead hard drive
* Knowing when to call professionals