PC Magazine Wireless Solutions

Posted By: Sauri
PC Magazine Wireless Solutions
by Neil Randall and Barrie Sosinsky

PDF | 435 pages | ISBN: 0-7645-7438-8 | 2005

Wireless is freedom. Wireless is now. And who better than PC Magazine to help you break free?

Wireless is more than cell phones. It's Web surfing from your deck, or tuning up your Xbox® to take on opponents on the opposite coast. But whatever wireless is, it isn't simple—or it wasn't, until these two guys made it so. Here's the straight scoop on setup, security, trouble-shooting, wireless capabilities, and a whole lot more. Plenty of books will tell you how to build a wireless network, but only this one offers proven solutions from PC Magazine.

No strings attached! Here's how to

* Share printers, files, Internet connections and more—all without wires
* Wirelessly connect your video, audio, and game consoles
* Connect and control wireless "smart home" devices
* Guard your Wi-Fi network against intruders withWEP and WPA encryption
* Surf from anywhere in your home or office
* Untether your employees for greater creativity and productivity
* Take your wireless world on the road
* Understand wireless standards and protocols
* Learn how to choose the right wireless equipment

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