N.Jackson, "The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause: Balance Your Hormones Naturally"

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Nisha Jackson, "The Hormone Survival Guide for Perimenopause: Balance Your Hormones Naturally"
Larkfield Publishing | ISBN 0974206709 | 2004 Year | PDF | 1,14 Mb | 192 Pages

For the millions of women who experience a variety of unpleasant and stressful symptoms related to perimenopause, this book offers a straightforward discussion, explaining which medical tests and treatments, including alternative therapy, women should consider. Jackson, who owns a medical practice dedicated to hormonal health in Oregon, finds that women either have no symptoms, mild symptoms that become more pronounced right before menopause, or significant symptoms that require treatment in order to continue their daily routines. She explains the relationship among estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, and their impact on depression, sex drive, weight and headaches. And she presents her information clearly, explaining bodily functions in a way that lay readers can understand. Jackson is quick to suggest alternatives to medication such as stress reduction exercises, change in diet and exercise, although she also discusses the variety of estrogen and other hormonal treatments available. Appendices listing recommended reading for specific problems, products, vitamin and herbal supplement resources and hormone-testing labs, in addition to a glossary, add further value to this instructive book.