PHP Hacks

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PHP Hacks by Jack Herrington | CHM | 468 Pages | 3.82 MB

On the practical side of things, PHP Hacks helps you develop more robust PHP applications by explaining how to improve your database design, automate application testing, and employ design patterns in your PHP scripts and classes. In the category of "cool," Herrington explains how to upgrade your Web interface through the creation of tabs, stickies, popups, and calendars. He even examines how to leverage maps and graphics in PHP. There's also a bounty of image and application hacks, including those that show you how to:

Integrate web sites with Google maps and satellite imaging

Dynamically display iPhoto libraries online

Add IRC, SMS, and Instant Messaging capabilities to your Web applications

Drop the latest Wikipedia dictionary onto your Sony PSP

Render graphics and user interfaces with SVG, DHTML, and Ajax