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Pivot Tables with Microsoft Excel from A-Z

Posted By: lucky_aut
Pivot Tables with Microsoft Excel from A-Z

Pivot Tables with Microsoft Excel from A-Z
Published 11/2023
Duration: 3h55m | .MP4 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | AAC, 44100 Hz, 2ch | 2.56 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

Learn to work with Pivot-Tables efficiently: Pivot Analysis, Interactive Dashboards, Power Pivot, VBA and ChatGPT!

What you'll learn
Learn working with Pivot-Tables from A-Z
Use Power Pivot for Data Models
Create Interactive Dashboards with Pivot-Charts, Pivot-Tables and interactive Slicers
Analyze your Data with Pivot-Reports, dynamic Tables and Drill-Through Dives
Use VBA-Codes and ChatGPT for Automation with Pivot Tables
Visualize your Data in professional PivotCharts
Basic familiarity with Microsoft Office suite applications
Access to Microsoft Excel software installed
Participants should possess a willingness to learn
A computer system that meets the minimum requirements for running Microsoft Excel smoothly
Pivot Tables Course with Microsoft Excel from A-Z!
Do you work with
large datasets?
Does your data analysis take
a lot of time
data in an appealing way? Do you want
professional reports
that can be easily
on a monthly basis?
Then this course is the exact right for you!
This course will take you from zero to expert in Pivot Tables with Excel!
We will start with the basics of Pivot Tables with Excel using real practice data. The course then goes into more advanced topics such as aggregation methods in reports, calculations, pivot charts, interactive dashboards, power pivot, vba, ChatGPT and automation.
This course contains countless video-lessons, quizzes, practical exercises with solutions, case studies, templates and fact sheets - the best way to become an BI-expert with Pivot Tables in Excel!
This Pivot Table Course consists of a variety of practical exercises. You will not only learn the tools of Pivot Tables, but also how to apply multidimensional data analysis approaches to practical data analysis and business cases in Excel!
You are perfectly prepared for your own BI-projects in your company!
Course Structure
Module 1: Introduction
Quickstart and Shortcuts
Access Toolbar
Dynamic Tables
Module 2: Pivot Basics
Field Options
Sorting and Filtering
Module 3: Data Analysis Methods
Aggregation Methods
Grouping, Calculating, Percentages
Module 4: Formatting
Best Practices Refresh and Data Source
Drill Throughs, Drillups, Drilldowns
Module 5: Design and Layout Options
Style Options
Module 6: Conditional Formatting
Basics Conditional Formatting
Rules and Methods
Advanced Rules
Module 7: PivotCharts for Visualization
Column-, Bar-, Line-, Area-, Pie- and Ring-Charts
Configuration of Charts
Module 8: Pivot-Dashboards
Slicer, Timeline,
Selection Pane,
Interactive Dashboard
Module 9: Case Study: Pivot Tables
Project with real world Dataset and challenges
Module 10: Power Pivot
Building Data Model
Professional Dashboard across multiple Datatables
Module 11: VBA & ChatGPT for Pivot Tables
ChatGPT for Pivot Tables
Available for download in the course
Project Data (Excel)
Templates for Learning Lessons (Excel)
Exercises after every chapters (Excel)
Solutions to the exercises (Excel)
Shortcut List in Excel (PDF)
Pivot Table Cheatsheet (PDF)
Who this course is for:
Employees involved in data management, analysis, and reporting within organizations
Students pursuing degrees in fields related to business, information technology, or data science
Entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to manage their business data
Project managers dealing with data-driven projects

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