Mark T.D. Cronin, "Predicting Chemical Toxicity and Fate"

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Mark T.D. Cronin, "Predicting Chemical Toxicity and Fate"

Mark T.D. Cronin, "Predicting Chemical Toxicity and Fate"
CRC Press | ISBN 0415271800 | 2004 Year | PDF | 5,37 Mb | 576 Pages

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSARs) are increasingly used to predict the toxicity and fate of chemicals both to man and in the environment. While these methods are used in a variety of areas (academic, industrial, regulatory), there is little coherent information available on their use. Predicting Chemical Toxicity and Fate provides a comprehensive explanation of the state of the art prediction methods that are available. This unique, practical book illustrates the use of these techniques in real life scenarios. This book will demystify QSARs for those students unsure of them, and professionals in environmental toxicology and chemistry will find this a useful reference in their everyday working lives.

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