Prehistory of formula one racing

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Prehistory of formula one racing

"Nuvolari and the Alfa Romeo"
"Jimmy Murphy and the White Duesenberg"

Racemaker Press, Inc. | Raymond Briggs | PDF | 18+16 MB | 15+15 Pages | 2006 | New Edition | ISBN:0-9766683-0-0

NUVOLARI AND THE ALFA ROMEO and JIMMY MURPHY AND THE WHITE DUESENBERG, are the first and second in a new series of books for children, each to tell the historically accurate story of a singularly spectacular race in the career of a famous driver. This edition has been re-printed in exact detail of the original 1968 publication. Subsequent volumes in the series will be written by well-known historians in the field of automotive history and illustrated by contemporary leading artists in the genre.
Racemaker Press, Inc. is a small private publisher. It's mission is to provide resources, management, and opportunities for scholarly works in the field of automotive history that might otherwise not be published without such assistance.