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John C. Mitchell, Krzysztof Apt, "Concepts in Programming Languages"

Posted By: Alexpal

John C. Mitchell, Krzysztof Apt, "Concepts in Programming Languages"
Cambridge University Press | ISBN 0521780985 | 2001 Year | CHM | 5,45 Mb | 450 Pages

"The book's three goals are achieved admirably: to discuss the design decisions and tradeoffs of various programming languages, to compare programming languages to deepen understanding, and to present language-specific programming techniques... This is the text one would use in a course on programming languages. Highly recommended." Choice

"It is an excellent book on programming languages, and one that lecturers would enjoy using and students would gain much from having and reading...The exercises are excellent, and range from basic exercises to ones that, if they don't inspire new careers, ought at least generate fine projects. ..I am sure this book will be a success and we will soon see further editions...Indeed it is an inspiring book." LTSN Book Reviews