Pro .NET 2.0 Code and Design Standards in C#

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Pro .NET 2.0 Code and Design Standards in C#
Pro .NET 2.0 Code and Design Standards in C#

# Author: M. Horner
# Paperback 326 pages (November 25, 2005)
# Publisher: APress,US
# Language: English
# ISBN: 1590595602
Book Description
This book is special, because for the first time you get an easy-to-follow set of code and design standards that addresses the basic needs of .NET developers and application architects. The material is presented in a “what, why, where, and how” format, so it’s easy to understand a given topic and apply the solution.

The format facilitates fast understanding and quick reference–just what you need when you’re under pressure. The authors have done the research for you, and they identify and discuss common options. Where there is a choice, there is analysis to guide you.

Techniques are reusable across all versions of .NET and beyond. Pro .NET 2.0 Code and Design Standards in C# is intuitive and based on industry best practices. While it showcases the C# language, its universal style makes it suitable for all .NET development projects, whatever the language.

About the Author
Mark Horner is Principal Enterprise Architect and .NET Application consultant with Torville Software. He is a 25 year veteran of the industry and has worked with a host of blue-chip organizations, including Citibank, NRMA Insurance, ANZ Banking Group, Unilever, Hewlett Packard, British Aerospace, and CPA Australia.