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Psychedelics Encyclopedia by Peter G. Stafford, Jeremy Bigwood

Posted By: larkin

Peter G. Stafford and Jeremy Bigwood, “Psychedelics Encyclopedia” 3rd Edition

Ronin Publishing | ISBN 0914171518 | August, 1992 | PDF 3,74 Mb | 512 Pages

From Library Journal
Psychedelic drugs have been disparaged, exalted, politicized, romanticized, and outlawed. This extraordinary volume covers the history of their development and the controversies surrounding them, including the important role played by such figures as Timothy Leary, Richard Nixon, and the CIA in politicizing their use. For LSD, peyote, marijuana, and a variety of drugs both natural and manufactured, the history, botany, chemistry, form of preparation, and distinct mental and physical effect on the user are detailed. Wisely, this book neither defends nor denigrates the use of these substances but presents well-organized and thoroughly researched information on a controversial subject. An excellent reference source for scientific and social research, this book is highly recommended.