Psychology in Diabetes Care

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Psychology in Diabetes Care

Psychology in Diabetes Care
edited by Frank Snoek, Chas Skinner
John Wiley & Sons | ISBN: 0471977039 | 2000 | 294 pages | PDF | 1.7 MB

Psychosocial issues are now acknowledged to have a crucial role in the successful treatment of people with diabetes. An understanding of these issues can enable health care professionals to assist their patients effectively. Psychology in Diabetes Care gives the background information and practical guidelines needed by healthcare professionals to do this; to address the cognitive, emotional and behavioural issues surrounding diabetes management. This text:

*Provides a broad, evidence-based approach to behavioural intervention in diabetes care
*Includes contributions from both psychologists and clinicians active in diabetes research
*Deals with general principles and practical situations&/UL;

Psychology in Diabetes Care will prove invaluable to all health care professionals involved in diabetes management (physicians, nurse specialists, health psychologists, dieticians) as well as graduate-level psychology students and academics with an interest in diabetes.