Quantum Physics - eBook Collection

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Quantum Physics - eBook Collection

Quantum Physics - eBook Collection
English | PDF | 45 Books | 665 MB

Compilation of books on Quantum Physics (Advanced Level) and the most specialized.
An Introduction to Advanced Quantum Physics - Paar
An Introduction to Quantum Physics A First Course for Physicists, Chemists, Materials Scientists, and Engineers - Trachanas
Atoms, Molecules and Photons An Introduction to Atomic-,Molecular-and Quantum Physics 2e - Demtroder
Computational Physics Simulation of Classsical and Quantum Systems -Scherer
Concepts, Methods and Applications of Quantum Systems in Chemistry and Physics - Wang
Elementary Particle Physics Vol. 1 Quantum Field Theory and Particles - Nagashima
Elements of Classical and Quantum Physics - Cini
Embedded Random Matrix Ensemsbles in Quantum Physics - Kota
Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Aspects of Phase Transitions in Quantum Physics - Puebla
Exploring Quantum Physics through Hands-on Projects - Prutchi
Functional Integrals in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics - Popov
Gauge Theories Particle Physics Vol. I From Relativistic Quantum Mechanics to QED 3e - Aitchison and Hey
Hilbert Space Operators in Quantum Physics 2e - Blank, Exner, and Havlicek
Introduction to Quantum Physics and Information Processing- Vathsan
Mathematical Physics of Quantum Mechanics - Asch and Joye
Methods of Quantum Fields Theory in Statistical Physics 2e - Abrikosov
Modern Many-Particle Physics Atomic Gases, Quantum Dots and Quantum Fluids - Lipparini
Principles of Physics From Quantum Field Theory to Classical Mechanics [2014]
Progress in Low Temperature Physics Quantum Turbulence - Halperin
Quantum Electrodynamics Course of Theoretical Physics Vol. 4 2e - Landau and Lifshitz
Quantum Electronics for Atomic Physics - Nagourney
Quantum Field Theory Approach to Condensed Matter Physics - Marino
Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics - Tsvelik
Quantum Mathematical Physics A Bridge Between Mathematics and Physics - Finster.pd
Quantum Mathematical Physics Atoms, Molecules and Large Systems 2e - Thirring
Quantum Physics A Functional Integral Point of View - Glimm and Jaffe
Quantum Physics An Introduction Based on Photons - Lvovsky
Quantum Physics and Measurement - Shrivastva
Quantum Physics for Beginners - Ficek
Quantum Physics for Dummies - Holzner
Quantum Physics of Atoms, Molecules, Solids, Nuclei, and Particles 2e - Eisberg
Quantum Physics Workbook for Dummies - Holzner
Quantum Simulations with Photons and Polaritons Merging Quantum Optics with Condensed Matter Physics - Angelakis
Quantum Systems in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Advances in Concepts and Applications - Radjer
Quantum Theoretic Machines What is Thought from the Point of View of Physics - Stern
Quantum Theory from a Nonlinear Perspective Riccati Equations in Fundamental Physics - Schuch
Quirky Quantum Concepts Physical, Conceptual, Geometric, and Pictorial Physics that Didn_t Fit in Your Textbook - Michelsen
Relativistic Quantum Theory Course of Theoretical Physics Vol. 4 3e - Lifshitz, Berestetskii, and Pitaevskii
Scattering and Structures Essential and Analogies in Quantum Physics 2e - Povh and Rosina
Scattering and Structures Essentials and Analogies in Quantum Physics 2e - Povh and Rosina
Supersymmetric Methods in Quantum and Statistical Physics - Junker
Symmetries In Quantum Physics - Fano and Rau
The Large N Expansion in Quantum field Theory and Statistical Physics
From Spin Systems to 2-Dimensional Gravity - Brezin and Wadia
The Quantum Mechanics Solber How to Apply Quantum Theory ot Modern
Physics 2e - Basdevant and Dalibard
Topological Quantum Numbers in Nonrelativistic Physics - Thouless