Behzad Razavi - Fundamentals of Microelectronics (Preview Edition)

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Behzad Razavi - Fundamentals of Microelectronics (Preview Edition)

Behzad Razavi, "Fundamentals of Microelectronics"
Wiley | Preview edn | ISBN 047007292X | 2006 | 833 pages | 8.5 MB

To succeed in the practice of microelectronics in industry, students must develop the ability to think intuitively about circuits. They need to move beyond simply plugging and chugging numbers in equations and be prepared to face real design trade-offs.
Fundamentals of Microelectronics, Preview Edition helps students develop intuitive techniques so they can design and implement circuits not just analyze them. Using many real-word examples and applications, the text motivates the student to understand the importance of today's microelectronics.

Establish a design-oriented mentality:
  • Instead of straight analysis, we move the student to face a specific problem and create (synthesize) a circuit that solves the problem.
  • Once can then identify the shortcomings and continue to modify it until we come to an acceptable solution.
Emphasis on thinking and deduction rather than on memorization:
  • Bottom-up approach allows students to build skills required in analysis and design
  • The use of symbolic calculations offer insight into the behavior of the circuit by revealing dependencies, trends, and limits and can be utilized in more complex examples.
Analysis by inspection:
  • That is, looking at a complex circuit and map it to simpler topologies.
  • Allows the student to effortlessly view a large circuit as a number of smaller sections that can be easily analyzed
Practical, industrial flavor:
  • Creates a mindset that helps the student think like an engineer
  • Provides the big picture and real-life applications of the concepts introduced throughout the bookā€”Cell phone, pp. 2-4, Digital camera pp. 4-7, Design Examples pp. 382-384

Uploader's notes:
Although the book is complete (as per the table of contents given on the Wiley website), it lacks a table of contents and index.