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Saty Raghavachary, "Rendering for Beginners: Image Synthesis using RenderMan"
Focal Press | ISBN 0240519353 | 2004 Year | PDF | 26 Mb | 384 Pages

"Rendering for Beginners is bound to become a must-read for anyone interested in Pixar's RenderMan. Saty's experience as both RenderMan practitioner and RenderMan teacher gives him a unique and valuable perspective. I can't wait to add a copy to my own graphics library."
Dana Batali, Director of RenderMan Development, Pixar Animation Studios

Whether you are an animator, artist or 2D illustrator looking to move to 3D rendering you will be amazed by what can be achieved with RenderMan. Saty Raghavachary offers a complete, non-technical introduction to RenderMan and rendering in general - finally a guide you dont need a math degree to follow!

Full of clear explanations and plenty of samples on the associated website - - for you to play with, this color guide will quickly get you up to speed with this powerful, professional program so you too can harness the power of the program to create top quality imagery.

The book features:
* Clear explanations of rendering concepts to get you up and running fast
* Extensive color illustrations to inspire you to make the most of your skills
* An associated website with numerous self-contained examples which you can download, reproduce, modify and learn from
* Comprehensive coverage of RenderMans functionality to show you how to get the most out of this powerful renderer
* Coverage relevant for all versions of the package, including a section on global illumination introduced in Release 11, as well as the key, general rendering concepts

Pixars award-winning RenderMan is one of the best renderers available and has been used to create visual effects for dozens of movies since 1985. It is also the renderer used to make blockbuster animated movies such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo. As the beautiful images in this book show, in addition to photoreal imagery you can also use it to create illustrations, visualizations, simulations of natural media and even abstract art!

Rendering; RenderMan; RIB syntax; Geometric primitives; Transformations; Camera, output; Controls; Shading; What's next; Resources

Saty Raghavachary is a senior graphics software developer at DreamWorks Feature Animation. He has written software used in The Prince of Egypt, The Road to El Dorado, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and Shark Tale. He is also a part-time instructor at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, USA where he teaches RenderMan and MEL (Maya) programming.

* Harness the power of Pixar's RenderMan with this introductory guide for the artist - you don't need a maths degree!
* Coverage is relevant for all versions of the package, including v11 and also explains general, key rendering concepts too
* Fully illustrated in color with numerous examples to inspire you to make the most of your skills

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