REST API's RESTFul from 0 to AWS with Spring Boot and Docker (Updated 4/2020)

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REST API's RESTFul from 0 to AWS with Spring Boot and Docker (Updated 4/2020)

REST API's RESTFul from 0 to AWS with Spring Boot and Docker
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Learn how to develop a REST API from absolute 0 by meeting all RESTful maturity levels and deploy on AWS using Travis CI.

What you'll learn

10% Theory and 90% Practice
Developing a RESTFul API from absolute 0
Best practices for developing API's
Understand the theoretical foundation of REST
How to work with Postman
How to make RESTful requests using Postman
Understand the RESTful Maturity Model
Top REST Verbs
Using parameters via query, path, header, and body
API Pagination
API Versioning
Understand Media Types and Content Negotiation
Upload files in your API
Make download files available in your API
You will learn in practice HATEOAS
Document an API with Swagger
SQL and Migrations Basics
REST Authentication Techniques and Security with JWT
How to use some design patterns
Split application architecture into different layers
Leverage AWS core services like RDS, EC2, IAM User and ECS
Continuous Integration and Deploy involving Docker, Github, Travis CI, and Amazon AWS
Deploy your API on AWS Cloud
BONUS - Docker Basics
BONUS - Docker Compose Basics
BONUS - How to deploy the project in the cloud


Basic concepts of Object Orientation
Basic knowledge of SQL and any relational database
Basic concepts of Java
Basic concepts of HTTP Request and Response


**** Come specialize in API development with the revolutionary Spring Boot framework that is a real fever today!

The course is still under development. The core of the course is now available, and the last two sections have already been recorded and will be edited and added by the end of April. *****

These two new sessions will address the topics:

Deployment at Amazon AWS [IN EDITION]

Amazon AWS Continuous Integration with Travis CI [IN EDITION]

This course teaches the core fundamentals of APIs REST and RESTful Webservices both in theory (10%) and in practice (90%). This knowledge will be applied to the implementation of a RESTful API with SpringBoot 2.x and Java. We will start with a simple application that will gradually advance to more complex scenarios. We will cover HTTP notions, verbs/methods, parameter types, pagination, file upload and download, versioning, HATEOAS, Swagger, authentication, and security with JWT and Spring Security, etc.

We will add Docker support and deploy our API on an Amazon AWS EC2 instance manually. And to close the course with a golden key, we will implement a continuous integration pipeline involving Docker, Github, Travis CI, and an ECS Cluster on Amazon AWS. It will be amazing you simply commit your code and push to Github, Travis CI builds Docker Images and deploys it on Amazon "Automagically".

Finally, the main objective of the course is to serve as a starting point from which students can expand their knowledge of the subject and "walk with their legs."

Who this course is for:

Early career developers who need to learn how to develop a REST/RESFul API from scratch
Software developers and engineers
For back-end developers with knowledge of ASP NET, Rails, Django, Node, etc. and want to learn how to do what they know but with other technology
Front end developers who want to become full-stack
Anyone who has tried other REST/RESTful Webservices tutorials and found that they were very slow, outdated, and boring!

REST API's RESTFul from 0 to AWS with Spring Boot and Docker (Updated 4/2020)

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