ASP.NET Core Web API - Zero to Hero [ASP.Net Core 5.0]

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ASP.NET Core Web API - Zero to Hero [ASP.Net Core 5.0]

ASP.NET Core Web API - Zero to Hero [ASP.Net Core 5.0]
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Master the ASP.NET Core Web API concepts, Develop RESTful Web API and consume them in Angular application

What you'll learn:
Fundamentals of ASP NET Core Web API
Build RESTful API's in ASP NET Core 5.0
Real world Book Store API application
Host builder and Web host builder
Dependency Injection: Different ways to inject and resolve the dependency
Format the response of your API
Get, Post, Put, Patch, Delete API development
Consume the APIs in Angular application
Login & Signup using Entity framework Core, Identity Core & JWT
And lots of other concepts…

No prior knowledge of Dot Net Core is required.
Basic knowledge of C# like classes, methods, interface, etc.
Basic knowledge of database like table, columns, datatypes etc.

ASP.NET Core Web API is the latest and most powerful framework for the development of RESTful Web API. This Asp.Net Core Web API is open source and supported by Microsoft.
RESTful Web APIs are the most essentials part of any modern world application. These RESTful Web APIs help us to extend our application on multiple platforms like Web app, Android app, iOS app, etc.
Learning Journey
We will start our learning from the fundamentals of Web API like
What is Web API?
Why do we need Web API for our application?
What is the best framework for Web API development?
How to set up the development Machine?
Develop Web API in Real-world Book Store application
Consume the APIs in Angular Application.
How to work with Entity Framework Core 5.0 Code first approach?
How to create Login and Signup tables automatically using Identity Core?
And lots of other concepts.
What type of APIs we will develop
We will develop the following types of APIs
HTTP GET: Get single and multiple resources from the database
HTTP POST: Add a new resource (book) to the database
HTTP PUT: 2 ways to update all columns of a resource in the database
HTTP PATCH: Update only a few columns of a resource (Excellent explanation)
HTTP DELETE: Delete a resource from the database
Tools and technologies used in this RESTful Web APIs using Asp.Net Core 5.0
We will use all the latest tools and technologies for the development of RESTful Web APIs using Asp.Net Core.
Asp.Net Core 5.0
Entity Framework Core 5.0
Identity Core 5.0
SQL Server
JSON format output
Postman (Web API testing client tool)
Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio Code
SQL Server Management Studio
A couple of other packages that are required to develop reliable and robust Web APIs
Code Exercise file
You will get the entire code that is used in this tutorial in the Course resources lecture

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn everything about the RESTful Web APIs using AspNet Core 5.0
.Net Developers who want to learn RESTful Web APIs using AspNet Core 5.0

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