Peter Sapaty, "Ruling Distributed Dynamic Worlds"

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Peter Sapaty, "Ruling Distributed Dynamic Worlds"

Peter Sapaty, "Ruling Distributed Dynamic Worlds"
Wiley-Interscience | ISBN 0471655759 | 2005 Year | PDF | 2,95 Mb | 288 Pages

A powerful new model to design and manage distributed dynamic systems This text expands and builds upon the author's landmark work, Mobile Processing in Distributed and Open Environments, by introducing a new extended, universal WAVE-WP (or world processing) model for distributed processing and control in dynamic and open worlds. The new model treats the whole world as a highly parallel and universal spatial machine, driven by a single spatial program in coordinated navigation mode. This new control theory and technology has broad applications for the design and implementation of large-scale distributed control systems, including Internet network management, rapid reaction forces, combat and disaster relief systems, space research, mobile cooperative robots, and artificial intelligence. With the author's careful explanations of both the theory and applications, readers discover a new kind of thinking that simplifies how large dynamic systems should be designed, organized, tasked, simulated, and controlled. Following a general introduction, chapters are carefully structured and organized to provide readers with a full understanding of this complex topic and its many practical applications: Worlds and waves in the WAVE-WP model The world processing language Distributed WAVE-WP interpretation in dynamic environments Spatial programming in WAVE-WP Exemplary mission scenarios Distributed management using dynamic infrastructures Crisis management scenarios and systems Engineers tasked with the responsibility of designing and developing complex distributed dynamic systems will find the WAVE-WP model to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the field and this book to be an essential blueprint.

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