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Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Biochemistry 2nd. Edition

Posted By: Alexun
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Biochemistry 2nd. Edition

Philip W. Kuchel, Gregory Ralston et al., Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Biochemistry 2nd. Edition

McGraw-Hill, Second Edition | ISBN: 0-07-036149-5 | 1998 Year | language: english | pdf | 559 pages | 26,6 MB

This step-by-step outline steers you logically, expertly, and clearly through biochemistry. It can save you study time and helps you get better grades because it focuses on the core information you really need to know-;and avoids confusing, extraneous material that you don't need! A question-and-answer format highlights the meaning of the material and helps you remember. Easy-to-read line drawings and diagrams make important structures and processes memorable. This new second edition features added sections on whole-body metabolism, enzyme kinetics, and new technologies for monitoring metabolic processes. Use this excellent study guide to help you ace your biochemistry course, study it alone as a complete biochemistry course, or use it for review before a standardized test-;it can cut your study hours as it moves you quickly from cell structure through protein synthesis. This is the study guide that makes biochemistry comprehensible-;the one whose first edition was chosen by 32,000 grateful students!

Chapters include:

* Cell Ultrastructure
* Carbohydrates
* Amino Acids and Peptides
* Proteins
* Proteins: Supramolecular Structure
* Lipids, Membranes, Transport, and Signaling
* Nucleic Acids
* Enzyme Catalysis
* Enzyme Kinetics
* Metabolism: Underlying Theoretical Principles
* Carbohydrate Metabolism
* The Citric Acid Cycle
* Lipid Metabolism
* Oxidative Phosphorylation
* Nitrogen Metabolism
* Replication and Maintenance of the Genetic Material
* Gene Expression and Protein Synthesis