Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2003

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2003

Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2003
Pearson Education | ISBN 078972958X | 2003 Year | CHM | 1231 Pages | 21 Mb

More than any other, this book offers systematic, real-world guidance for experienced Word users, based upon the types of print and electronic documents they actually create, and the productivity challenges they actually face. It goes far beyond the basics, offering hundreds of advanced tips and techniques for maximizing productivity, automating short and long documents, using Word's powerful Web content creation capabilities, and much more.

Reflecting Microsoft's increased focus on strengthening Word's value in business environments, the book includes realistic and practical coverage of Word's latest features for collaboration and XML-based integration with other software and processes. Finally, this book reflects the insights of one of the world's most experienced and best-selling Microsoft Word authors, offering independent and objective guidance on both troubleshooting and the feature "gotchas" that Microsoft doesn't publicize.