ABC of Sexually Transmitted Infections

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This comprehensive introduction to sexually transmitted diseases gives concise, practical information on a wide range of diseases. The text of this fifth edition is substantially rewritten, updated and illustrated with new photographs, drawings and charts.

It gives the latest guidance on presenting symptoms, diagnosis, management, and pathological problems associated with sexually transmitted diseases.

This ABC also covers the control strategies for these diseases that are used in the developing and the developed world.


Contributors vi

Preface vii

1 Why sexually transmitted infections are important 1
Michael Adler

2 Control and prevention 7
Frances Cowan

3 The clinical process 11
Patrick French

4 Examination techniques and clinical sampling 15
Patrick French

5 Main presentations of sexually transmitted infections in male patients 17
John Richens

6 Other conditions of the male genital tract commonly seen in sexually transmitted infection clinics 21
John Richens

7 Vaginal discharge—causes, diagnosis, and treatment 25
Helen Mitchell

8 Pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic pain 30
Helen Mitchell

9 Sexually transmitted infections in pregnancy 34
Helen Mitchell

10 Other conditions that affect the female genital tract 39
Helen Mitchell

11 Genital ulcer disease 44
Frances Cowan

12 Syphilis—clinical features, diagnosis, and management 49
Michael Adler, Patrick French

13 Genital growths 56
Michael Adler

14 Genital infestations 60
Michael Adler

15 Viral hepatitis 62
Richard Gilson

16 HIV 68
Ian G Williams, Ian Weller

17 Laboratory diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections 80
Beryl West

Appendix: proformas for taking sexual histories 85