Pavel Tsatsouline Six Pack

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Pavel Tsatsouline Six Pack

Pavel Tsatsouline,«Bullet-Proof Abs : 2nd Edition of Beyond Crunches»
Dragon Door Publications 2nd edition ISBN: 0938045253 2000 PDF 1.85 MB 128 pages

Pavel Tsatsouline,«The Naked Warrior»
Dragon Door Publications ISBN: 0938045555 2003 PDF 3.41 MB 218 pages

Pavel Tsatsouline,«Power to the People! Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American»
Dragon Door Publications ISBN: 0938045199 1999 PDF 3.06 MB 124 pages

Pavel Tsatsouline,«Relax into Stretch: Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension»
Dragon Door Publications ISBN: 0938045288 2001 PDF 2.25 MB 152 pages

Pavel Tsatsouline,«Super Joints: Russian Longevity Secrets for Pain-Free Movement, Maximum Mobility & Flexible Strength»
Dragon Door Publications ISBN: 0938045369 2001 PDF 2.4 MB 120 pages

Pavel Tastsouline,«The Russian Kettlebell Challenge»
Dragon Door Publications ISBN: 0938045326 2001 PDF 1.6 MB 170 pages

Size: 23 MB Format: PDF

"… if I were to recommend one Physical Training program to develop a Marine's overall strength and fighting capability, it would be one prescribed by Pavel Tsatsouline. His exercise principles are well researched, easy to implement, and focus directly on a functional end-state: high caliber efficiency. From hoisting his beloved Kettlebells to Janda sit-ups to one-legged squats, results are declarative… stop looking for a better piece of equipment or diet supplement and get 'Pavelized.'"


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