D. H. Stamatis, "Six Sigma and Beyond"

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D. H. Stamatis, "Six Sigma and Beyond"

D. H. Stamatis,
«Six Sigma and Beyond: Statistics and Probability, Volume III»
CRC Press | ISBN 1574443127 | 2002 Year | CHM | 7,5 Mb | 368 Pages
«Six Sigma and Beyond: Statistical Process Control, Volume IV»
CRC Press | ISBN 1574443135 | 2002 Year | CHM | 14,8 Mb | 520 Pages
«Six Sigma and Beyond: Design for Six Sigma, Volume VI»
CRC Press | ISBN 1574443151 | 2002 Year | CHM | 9,62 Mb | 824 Pages

I have only this 3 volumes…


This volume introduces the relationship of statistics, probability, and reliability as they apply to quality in general and to Six Sigma in particular. The author brings the theoretical into the practical by providing statistical techniques, tests, and methods that the reader can use in any organization. He reviews basic parametric and non-parametric statistics, probability concepts and applications, and addresses topics for both measurable and attribute characteristics. He delineates the importance of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data not from an academic point of view but from a practical perspective.
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In this volume of the Six Sigma and Beyond series, quality engineering expert D.H. Stamatis focuses on how Statistical Process Control (SPC) relates to Six Sigma. He emphasizes the "why we do" and "how to do" SPC in many different environments. The book provides readers with an overview of SPC in easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand terms. The author reviews and explains traditional SPC tools and how they relate to Six Sigma and goes on to cover the use of advanced techniques. In addition, he addresses issues that concern service SPC and short run processes, explores the issue of capability for both the short run and the long run, and discusses topics in measurement.
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This volume addresses design improvement from the perspective of prevention by introducing readers to the tools of the Six Sigma design process. The author discusses the issues of designing for Six Sigma, covering the topics that any Shogun Six Sigma Master must be familiar with: customer satisfaction, quality function deployment, benchmarking, systems engineering, value engineering, reliability and maintainability, design for manufacturability, mistake proofing, failure mode and effect analysis, project management, and financial concepts.

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