SQL Bible

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SQL Bible

SQL Bible
Size: ~5,50 Mb | CHM format | ISBN: 0764525840 | 831 Pages
If SQL can do it, you can do it too…

Here, in one definitive volume, is all the information you need to understand and use SQL and its implementations in accordance with the established SQL99 standard. Whether you want to learn database programming from scratch, you’d like to sharpen your SQL skills, or you need to know more about programming for a heterogeneous database environment, this book provides the complete menu. Tutorials and code examples in each chapter make it an indispensable reference for every level of expertise.

Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of SQL

Understand the definition and characteristics of relational databases and SQL’s role within RDBMS
Recognize vendor-specific implementation variations among Oracle, IBM DB2 UDB, and MS SQL Server
Create and modify RDBMS objects like tables, views, indexes, synonyms, sequences, and schemas using Data Definition Language (DDL)
Comprehend Data Manipulation Language (DML) from different vendors’ perspectives
Master single-table select statements and multitable queries from the ground up
Explore in-depth SQL functions, operators, and data types for major RDBMS implementations
Discover new SQL developments including XML, OLAP, Web services, and object-oriented features .

Covers the latest version of the ISO SQL standard (SQL-99) and gives readers information they need to know about the differences in vendor-specific SQL implementations including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2
Knowledge of this ubiquitous database programming language is becoming more critical as IT departments move toward more integrated heterogeneous platforms
Covers growing use of SQL with Web services and XML