sql coding for beginners

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sql coding for beginners

sql coding for beginners: An Essential Tool for Developers Using SQL Statements for Controlling and Modifying Tables, and an Intermediate-Level Guide for Learning SQL Programming Step by Step by Sara Clark
English | March 6, 2021 | ISBN: 1802260129 | 140 pages | EPUB | 0.78 Mb

Your customers will never stop reading this guide !!!

The truth is: SQL is an abbreviation for Structured Query Language. It is one of the most sought after and simple programming languages of our age.

SQL has a wide range of functionality that includes quering, retrieving and extracting information from relational databases and so on. Moreover, the ability of SQL to create structure based relational databases such as tables and views has made it extremely popular among major companies such as Microsoft. Because of its compatible nature, and easy to use interface, the demand for SQL is booming rapidly around the world. A person who is adept at working on SQL can also work on other languages such as MySQL etc., because of its compatible nature.

Here are a few advantages of learning SQL:
- It is relatively easier to learn, and creates vast career opportunities.
- SQL is slowly and gradually forming a solid place within various companies that need to organize their database. Having knowledge of SQL can help you get into these companies.

- Helps you understand the origins of programming languages and overall sense of computer programming.

The goal of the e-Book is simple: To help beginners start on their journey to learn SQL coding in a simple and easy manner.
You will also learn:

- Basics of SQL
- How to install SQL developers
- Working with data, tables, and columns
- SQL Security
- SQL Injections
- Pivoting data in SQL

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