Andrzej Cybulski (Editor), Jacob A. Moulijn (Editor), "Structured Catalysts and Reactors"

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Andrzej Cybulski (Editor), Jacob A. Moulijn (Editor), "Structured Catalysts and Reactors"

Andrzej Cybulski (Editor), Jacob A. Moulijn (Editor), "Structured Catalysts and Reactors"
Marcel Dekker | ISBN 0824799216 | 1997 Year | PDF | 35,07 Mb | 670 Pages

Offering in-depth discussions of structured catalysts and furnishing a new approach to catalytic processes, this unique resource;the only comprehensive book of its kind available on the subject;describes in detail monolithic, membrane, and arranged catalysts for use in two and three-phase processes. Examines catalyst preparation, characterization, process development, modeling, and optimization as well as reactor design and operation! Providing solutions to problems utilizing unconventional catalytic techniques, Structured Catalysts and Reactors addresses configurations, microstructure, physical properties, and the manufacture of ceramic and metallic monoliths explains monolithic catalysts for cleaning exhaust gas from gasoline engines presents commercial and developmental catalysts for environmental protection delineates catalyst materials, activity, and stability in combustion analyzes traditional particulate catalysts arranged in arrays illustrates membrane reactors with permeable walls, inorganic membrane reactors, and advanced zeolitic membranes covers catalytic filters and cross-flow reactors demonstrates computer-aided design of catalysts with optimal porous structures and much more!

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