Kevin Tate, "Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective"

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Kevin Tate, "Sustainable Software Development: An Agile Perspective"
Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN 0321286081 | 2005 Year | CHM | 0,57 Mb | 264 Pages

Sustainable Software Development brings together principles and practices for building software that is technically superior, delivers exceptional business value, and can evolve rapidly to reflect any change to your business or technical environment.

Kevin Tate shows how to eliminate practices that make development unsustainable and replaces these practices with a sustainable approach that draws on the best ideas from both agile and conventional development. Tate demonstrates how to balance rapid releases and long-term sustainability, achieving both rich functionality and superior quality. You'll learn how to build a development organization that is more productive and can continually improve its capability to handle complexity and change.

Writing for developers, architects, project leaders, and other software team members, Tate shows how to:
— Take control of your development environment, so you can outship your competitors, leveraging new technologies and responding to new business opportunities
— Maintain a consistent pace that optimally balances short- versus long-term requirements
— Keep your code base in a "near-shippable" state between releases
— Prevent defects, rather than just recognizing and fixing them
— Invest continually and cost-effectively in software design improvements
— Leverage the fundamentals of the craft of software development
— Integrate sustainable processes with Agile and traditional methodologies