A Taste of Italy (Cooking)

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Greetings! Did you ever wish you could make real Italian meals that taste just like the ones you enjoy at your favorite restaurant? These recipes will convince your family and friends that you're an expert Italian cook!

A Taste of Italy | 308 Kb

Far and beyond spaghetti and meatballs, explore old world recipes for polenta, risotto, scallopine, parmigiana, and much more. Pasta? Loads of recipes for every kind of pasta you can imagine ... all authentic Italian cuisine.

Discover the secrets to preparing REAL Italian food:

- Osso Buco
- Manicotti
- Pasta E Fagioli
- Cannoli
- Ravioli
- Panzanella
- Ratatouille
- Calamari
- Pesto
- Spumone
- Cavatelli
- Bruschetta
- Frittata
- Gnocchi
- Minestrone
- Biscotti
- Tiramisu
- Caponata
- Scampi
- Lasagna
- Antipasto

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