Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide

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Hill Associates Inc, “Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide”

McGraw-Hill | ISBN 0072193565 | 2001 Year | 544 Pages | 12.9 MB

Learn the basics of telecommunications using this expert resource

Get up to speed quickly on the rapidly emerging field of telecommunications using this easy-to-follow introductory guide. Written by the seasoned experts at Hill Associates--a premier telecommunications training company--this book contains all the background and technical information you need to understand and implement key technologies. This guide begins with a brief history of telephony and the evolution of networking, and then moves on to cover key topics including wireless communication, convergence, Internet protocol (IP), virtual private networks, and much more. Also included is a handy blueprint section, which provides additional visual instruction. Whether you're looking for a solid overview to broaden your understanding of the telecommunications field, or for hands-on implementation techniques, this is an ideal resource.

Book Info:

* Learn the basics of telephony, telephone system management, and its structure
* Get an introduction to data networking and preview the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model and Internet Protocol (IP) suite
* Examine the architecture of the Internet, learn about service providers (ISPs), and Internet access options
* Explore the functions and services offered by fast packet technologies, frame relay, and ATM
* Understand the basics of switching--both circuit switching and packet switching
* Discover details about the area of convergence
* Create and design an operable local area network (LAN)
* Trace the evolution of transmission technology--from analog and digital to wireless

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Telecommunications: A Beginner's Guide
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