Celia L. Desmond, «Project Management for Telecommunications Managers»

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Celia L. Desmond, «Project Management for Telecommunications Managers»

Celia L. Desmond, «Project Management for Telecommunications Managers»
Springer | ISBN 1402077289 | 2003 Year | PDF | 6,68 Mb | 2003 Pages

Project Management for Telecommunications Managers is a concise reference work covering important aspects of project management. It explains many key concepts, in layman's terms, for engineering managers, project managers and other professionals working in the telecommunications environment. This presentation is consistent with many of the processes recommended by the certification body for project managers, the Project Management Institute; however, the material expands on the guide by elaborating on the application of the processes in telecommunications projects. The book covers concepts and applications applicable to all telecommunications related areas. Tools for planning, organizing, tracking and managing projects are provided. The author has also included actual examples of various telecommunications projects from wireline and wireless providers, equipment vendors and component manufacturers to illustrate concepts. Important information for working across departmental and functional units and various organizational structures are also included.

This book is highly recommended for project managers and project team members who work on projects in the telecommunications environment.


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