The Treasury of San Marco, Venice

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The Treasury of San Marco, Venice

The Treasury of San Marco, Venice
Publisher: Olivetti | 1985 | ISBN: 0810916843 | English | PDF | 337 pages | 58.63 Mb

The treasures contained in this book represent the stuff of legend and Hollywood movies. They are history and a great tribute to ancient craftsmanship. It is a wonder that these ancient treasures, including many from Byzantium, were so prefectly preserved to this day and not melted down by invaders.

It becomes increasingly difficult to remember that the objects which march in stately procession through these pages were mostly looted from the Fourth Crusade's sacking of Constantinople in 1204. Venice has at least partly atoned by cherishing and preserving these remarkable things: hardstone carvings from the Classical Period, Byzantine enamels, Islamic glass, and filigree so well known that it was called ``Venetian work'' throughout Europe. The volume is companion to an international traveling exhibition but stands on its own; it contains, for example, an extensive essay on the Pala d'oro, major treasure of the collection, which did not leave San Marco. Essays and catalog are standard serious art historical description with magnificent footnotes. A beautiful book; a treasury indeed. GraceAnne A. DeCandido, "School Library Journal"

The Treasury of San Marco

Venice and the treasury of San Marco
Guido Perocco

Venice, the Pala dOro, and Constantinople
Sergio Bettini

History of the treasury of San Marco
Guido Perocco


Classical and Early Medieval

Classical, Byzantine and Western hardstone-carving
Daniel Alcouffe

1. Glass situla with Dionysiac scene
2. Rock-crystal lamp with marine life
3. Rock-crystal lamp in the shape of a fish
4. Sardonyx bowl with one handle
5. Agate ewer with zoomorphic handle
6. Marble ciborium with Greek inscription
7. Throne-reliquary (the "Sedia di San Marco")


Byzantine enamels and goldsmith work
Margaret E. Frazer

Precious metalwork with enamel
8. The "Grotto of the Virgin"
9. Bookcover with Crucifixion and the Virgin orans
10. Chalice of the emperor Romanos (with handles)
11. Chalice of the emperor Romanos (without handles)
12. Panel with half-figure of St. Michael
13. Reliquary of the True Cross
14. Bookcover with Christ and the Virgin orans
15. Chalice with Eucharistic inscription
16. Chalice of the Patriarchs
17. Sardonyx chalice with figural enamel
18. Alabaster paten with enamel of Christ
19. Icon with full-length figure of St. Michael
20. Bookcover with Crucifixion and Anastasis

Precious metalwork without enamel
21. Gilded and painted glass bowl
22. Hexagonal rock-crystal vessel
23. Chalice of Sisinnios
24. Glass hanging-lamp
25. Alabaster paten with invocation
26. Glass bowl with honeycomb pattern
27. Glass bowl (paten?) with handle
28. Reliquary-casket of Trebizond


Islamic hardstone-carving
Daniel Alcouffe

29. Turquoise glass bowl
30. Rock-crystal dish
31. Ewer of the caliph al-Azĩz-billãh
32. Rock-crystal cruet


Western metalwork
William D. Wixom

Venetian filigree
Danielle Gaborit-Chopin

33. Lamp of perfume-burner (the "Chiesola")
34. Staurotheca of Henry of Flanders
35. Sardonyx cruet
36. Icon with lapis lazuli Crucifixion medallion
37. Rock-crystal vessel
38–39. Rock-crystal candlesticks
40. Altar-frontal of St. Mark
41. Reliquary of the arm of St. George
42. Serpentine chalice
43. Stone incense-boat
44. Reliquary-casket of fourteen Eastern saints
45. Rock-crystal bowl
46. Reliquary of the Column of the Flagellation
47. Pastoral staff

Index of principal names of persons and places
Photographic acknowledgments

The Treasury of San Marco, Venice