The Year 1200: A Symposium

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The Year 1200: A Symposium

The Year 1200: A Symposium
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art | 1975 | ISBN: 0870990926 | English | PDF | 594 pages | 54.77 Mb

The Centennial celebration of The Metropolitan Museum of Art demonstrated the Museum's extraordinary capacity to present exhibitions that are both scholarly and popular. The Year 1200 exhibition most clearly expresses this ability. This was a distinguished exhibition, drawn from the treasures of museums and collections throughout the world. In their materials luxuriance and their artistic vitality, the objects assembled had an immediate appeal, underscored and heightened by their sensitive and imaginative display.

The Year 1200 symposium provided a unique opportunity for scholars from many different countries to come together in order to study and discuss works of art that had similarly been gathered from all over the world. Many thoughts expressed informally by visitors to the exhibition have not, unfortunately, been recorded. But some of the results of our inquiry appear here in this volume of essays.
The Life of the Mind in the Christian West around the Year 1200
Gerhart B. Ladner

The Fourth Crusade
Kenneth M. Setton

Byzantium and the West around the Year 1200
Kurt Weitzmann

European Wall Painting around 1200
Otto Demus

The Theological Sources of the Klosterneuberg Altarpiece
Helmut Buschhausen

Die Kölner Niello-Kelchkuppa und ihr Umkreis
Dietrich Kötzsche

The Cross from Valasse
Frauke Steenbock

Manuscript Painting in Paris around 1200

St. Albans and the Channel Style in England
Walter Cahn

Der Ingeborgpsalter Bemerkungen zu Datierungs-und Stilfragen
Reiner Haussherr

Punchmarks in the Ingeborg Psalter
Mojmír S. Frinta

Un Manuscrit d'Auteurs Classiques et ses Illustrations
François Avril

Heaven and Hell in a Bohemian Bible of the Early Thirteenth Century
Carl Nordenfalk

The Munich Psalter
Henry B. Graham

The Last Copy of the Utrecht Psalter
Adelheid Heimann

Le "Maître du Bon Samaritain" de la Cathédrale de Bourges
Louis Grodecki

The Stylistic Problems of the Freiburg Jesse Window
Rüdiger Becksmann

The Canterbury Jesse Window
Madeline Harrison Caviness

La Verrière des Septs Dormants d'Ephèse et l'Ancienne Vitrerie de la Cathédrale de Rouen
Jean Lafond

Note sur les Arbres de Jessé de Gercy et de St.-Germain-les-Corbeil
Françoise Perrot

Scandinavian Art and Its Relations to European Art around 1200
Martin Blindheim

Il Maestro dei Mesi di Ferrara e la Lunetta di San Mercuriale e Forlì
Cesare Gnudi

Representations of the Madonna about 1200
Peter Bloch

Sculpture and Its Architectural Context at Chartres around 1200
Jan van der Meulen

La Sculpture Funéraire vers les Années 1200: Les Gisants de Fontevrault
Alain Erlande-Brandenburg

Les Statues de l'Atelier de Rougemont
Pierre Quarré

The English Seal as a Measure of Its Time
Francis Wormald

The Year 1200: A Symposium