The Battle of Britain and the American Factor July–October 1940

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David Alan Johnson, "The Battle of Britain and the American Factor July–October 1940 (Great Campaigns)", COMBINED PUBLISHING | ISBN 0938289888 | 1998 Year | PDF | ~4 Mb | Hardcover: 408 pages | 50 illustrations, 6 maps

The renowned author of The London Blitz and V for Vengeance, brings fresh insight and new sources to this compelling account of World War IIs most famous air campaign, including the true origin of many Canadian pilots in the RAF, whose true nationality was disguised due to United States neutrality early in the war.

From the preface:

"Mention the Battle of Britain to most Americans, and likely response will be something like: "Oh, I know. Winston Churchill. "Their Finest Hour." Spitfires and Messerschmitts. The Luftwaffe against the Royal Air Force." If anyone mentioned the fact that the Battle is as much a part of American history as it is Britain's "Finest Hour," our average American would probably be very surprised. But in fact, the battle, its outcome, the way in which it was fought, and especially the way in which it was reported to Americans, had as much of an effect upon America's future as it had upon Britain's."

I've downloaded the content from an online library and I've repacked it as a PDF file.