The Game Animator's Guide to Maya

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The Game Animator's Guide to Maya

Michael McKinley, The Game Animator's Guide to Maya
Sybex | ISBN 0470038578 | PDF | 2006 | 243 pages | 5,68 MB

The Game Animator's Guide to Maya gives you an insider's view of the animation business and teaches the skills necessary to animate everything from characters to vehicles to lip-synching audio. First, you'll get an introduction to the industry and typical game development pipelines, then learn rigging and animation basics before moving on to advanced techniques and the detailed tutorials. Inside, you'll find:
* Game Career Guide: Industry information, demo reel advice, job descriptions, game asset pipeline overview
* Animation Techniques: detailed explanation of animation terms, techniques, tools, concepts, and editors
* Rigging and Animation Setup: IK and FK, joint hierarchies, skeleton controls, constraints, selection handles, and more
* True Game Animation: real-world assignments that mimic the day-to-day jobs of professional game animators—walk cycles, run cycles, idle cycles, action sequences, lip-synching to audio, and more