Kenneth Bock, Steven Bock, Nancy Faass, «The Germ Survival Guide»

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Kenneth Bock, Steven Bock, Nancy Faass, «The Germ Survival Guide»
McGraw-Hill | ISBN 0071400451 | 2003 Year | linked png-files | 15,96 Mb | 256 Pages

Learn how to minimize your exposure to debilitating and often life-threatening microbes by taking practical, preventive measures. Through this helpful guide, you'll discover ways to boost your immune system and protect yourself from super germs, reduce everyday exposure to germs, use antibiotics and vaccines wisely, and much more. Written by acclaimed doctors in the fields of progressive medicine, The Germ Survival Guide:

Identifies common locales in which germ-borne diseases pose a threat
Offers simple measures to avoid contamination, including removing hotel bedspreads and draining backyard birdbaths
Explains when you can treat yourself and when you need to call a doctor
Introduces more than 100 types of bacteria, molds, and parasites
Identifies nutrients and herbs that are effective against cold and flu viruses
Provides germ-prevention strategies, such as replacing your kitchen sponges often–one sponge can harbor more than 100,000 bacteria

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