The Happiness Revolution

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The Happiness Revolution| E-book| 2007| PDF| ISBN: 978-0-9789566-1-5|334 pages| 4.9 mb

For executives, baby-boomers and spiritual seekers, this may be the first real guidebook on happiness and rejuvenation for the 21st century.
Trained by yogis, pandits and swamis for over 30 years, the author takes us on a journey with his patients and teachers to find a lifestyle and personal philosophy for lasting happiness. We get to listen in as he uplifts distraught and desperate patients who are about to give up on life – the very life that can become the means for their liberation from all pain and misery.

Blair helps us see how our lifestyle contains all the elements for happiness, success and optimal health. He gives us the framework and the strategies to assemble all the parts and make life work for us. Using ancient wisdom, modern science and his 25 years of clinical expertise, Blair teaches us how to live a great life. Punctuated with heart-warming and comical stories of the lives of his patients and family, he makes his point clearly and poignantly.

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