The Guide to Confidence and Approaching

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The Guide to Confidence and Approaching

The Guide to Confidence and Approaching
Modernmalelifestyle | ISBN: N/a | 2008 | MP3 | 28 Mb

Without a doubt - the number one issue men face when meeting women is their Confidence in their Ability to Approach.
We see and hear it all the time. Men get so hung up on what to say that they forget what's really important - How You Say It.
And how you say it comes from your attitude - and your attitude comes from your confidence.
It's time to stop messing around with rehearsed lines and time to get the REAL Attitude that makes you a Confidence Monster and an Approaching Machine.
This Double CD Set is just what it says - the Ultimate in Confidence and Approaching. Two killer pieces written by Gary and JD are read word for word by our good friend and member of of our staff, Maya Jordan.
The program consists of the Confidence Essay, the Approaching Essay, J.D.'s Bonus tips on Approaching and concludes with a super-effective confidence exercise that we use all the time and teach in all of our consultations.
This confidence program is ultra-effective because it works on your sub-conscious levels of confidence - so it becomes automatic. You'll learn how to get you subconscious working for you instead of against you.
* Why male confidence is slipping
* How Pick Up “Gurus” are playing on your insecurity and ripping you off
* How your birthright as a Man is one of natural confidence
* Effective exercises you can do right now to get your confidence to skyrocket
* How to make an initial impression on her of super-confidence
* The most important thing you can do with women to show your dominance
* How EVERY man is confident already – they just don’t realize it
* How to get your subconscious working FOR you instead of against you
* How Acting Like the Man you want to be turns you into a confidence monster
* Specific Approach situations and Techniques
* And so much more
You know by now that Gary Brodsky and J.D. Dallas are the cutting-edge of the seduction community. This isn't one of those wimpy pick-up programs designed to turn you into a feminized robot trying to please women.
Hell no. We have teamed up once again to bring you the real information you want, and the stuff you need to learn the ways of Confidence and Approaching like a man. And we hit the seduction topics men need to master most – FAST.
If you’re looking for tricks and a list of pick up lines, then go get one of those lady-boy “methods” and knock yourself out trying.
But if you want the fast-track to the Attitude it takes to become an unstoppable approach machine, then this is your manual. Pick up lines are temporary – but a mindset is forever.
Forget the pickup lines, and get the mindset you need to approach with confidence.
The Ultimate Programe is now available in this special Audio Set - read by friend of the Modern Male Lifestyle Maya Jordan.
It's all in there - nothing is left out. Bonus material includes J.D.'s personal Approaching Tips and our Ultra-effective Confidence Building Technique.