Horror: The House On The Borderlands

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Horror: The House On The Borderlands

«The House On The Borderlands»
Written by William Hope Hodgson Adapted by Simon Revelstorke Art by Ricahrd Corben and Lee Loughridge

ISBN 1-84023-0230-3 | 2000 Year | CBR | 33.9 Mb | 96 Pages

In the horror genre, the classic British haunted manor story stands in a league of its own. This forms the slim premise for Hodgson's trip down the maw of evil. At first approach, there are similarites with Poe and Hodgson's contemporary H.P.Lovecraft. But these are surface similarities at best. Hodgson goes beyond, spinning a new animal of horror seldom encountered and uniquiely British. His avant garde approach is especially noticed during the disintegration of the protagonists world, the blending of nigthmare and reality, his accelerating confusion of time. All approaches currently employed in the new wave of horror like The Blair Witch Project.

Simon Revelstorke retains the swavering,hyteric dialogues and maintains the skewered pace of the narrative leaving the reader empathising uneasily with the narrator and just as chillingly clueless as to what the next page brings. While Ricahrd Corben and Lee Loughridge illustrationwork is effective, the unsettled atmosphere is enhanced with the usage of towering perspectives conveying the fragile state of mind and a disturbing pallete of inks vivdly conveying the prisoned miasma of the strained mind and the approaching apocalyptic rot of his world.

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If you liked this story and are a fan of horror, Hodgson's works have been released into the public domain and are available at Project Guttenberg .