The Illustrated History of Ammunition (Repost)

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The Illustrated History of Ammunition (Repost)

Ian V. Hogg - The Illustrated History of Ammunition
Chartwell Books / Quatro Publishing | 1985 | ISBN: 0890099510 | English | 64 pages | PDF | 90.96 MB

A fairly decent historical digression on ammunition in general with a particular emphasis on artillery's ammo, from cannonballs to modern (for the period, the volume is from the 80s) high explosive grenades. No specs nor tables on the ammunition in question, to learn more you should read "between the lines" of the text. All things considered moderately useful to get a general understanding on the subject but little more. Among other things, this pamphlet is nothing more that the revival in stand-alone format, of the first chapter of the contemporary volume "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ammunition", by the same author, complete with illustrations (exactly the same) to the last word.